Correct and erase entire pages
The notes are correctable with the rear end of the special pen. Our organic cotton eraser is manufactured without toxic or critical substances and was designed by Foundation Vrolijk Werk. You will find a little hole in the eraser in order to tie it to your PHI Notes with the ribbon. You can wash the eraser in a washing machine. By making the eraser a little bit wet, you will find it easy to erase your notes from all pages.

Return to sender
If you are not satisfied with the product, you may return the product up to 14 days after receiving the product. Please send an email to After registration you have 7 days to return the product in original condition and packaging of PHI Notes. When the product has returned in good condition, we will credit the full order amount including initial shipping costs within 14 days. The costs for returning the product are for your own account. The address is: Pruimendijk 52, 2989 AJ Ridderkerk.

Refill pens
PHI Notes works with a special whiteboard pen. Pens are available in red, blue, green and black. For the black and blue pen we have a refill station. After a few minutes the pen is ready for usage and after 24 hours the pen is fully refilled. Easily insert the pen into the refill station insertion, the pen fills automatically up to its own maximum capacity.

App download & upgrades
With the purchase of a PHI Notes you'll get a free upgrade for the CamScanner app. Sign up using the form on the website. After registration you can download the free app, with which you can scan your notes and documents, edit, share and upload to the digital platforms of your choice. You will receive an email when your account has been upgraded. Make sure you are logged in with your base account in the app. The type basic account will remain the same. The difference is that you no longer suffer from ads and watermarks, it offers a high quality scan, OCR functionality and 200 MB additional space in the cloud.

Here you can find the manual for iPhone or Android users.

Reuse & Aware
In the design and production of the notebook we use the principles of the circular economy and recycled materials. Please return the notebook to us after usage, so that we can close the material loop. The address where your can send your PHI Notes is: Pruimendijk 52, 2989 AJ Ridderkerk.

Share the fun!
With PHI Notes we are constantly looking for ways to make an even bigger positive impact. What is more fun than to buy one and give one at the same time? For each PHI Notes you buy through our website you give a PHI Notes to a school project in developing countries in collaboration with Biblionef. Read more here.


PHI Notes is designed and produced according to the principles of the circular economy. After usage, please return the notebook to sender, so we are able to reuse the materials.

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