Geerke Hooijmeijer-Versteeg

Geerke's ambition is to help organizations accelerate towards a circular operational management. 'Adapt or die' is her motto: the circular economy is the only future-proof business model. Thinking in opportunities and solutions is her strength. Over the past years she has gained extensive experience in developing concepts for construction and renovation projects. In addition, she has supervised pilots in the field of circular procurement. She is always looking for opportunities to develop and share knowledge by actively participating in the development team of the Green Deal Circular Buildings, the Green Deal Circular Procurement and the expert group Circular & Inclusive Economy of Facility Management Netherlands (FMN).

Yvette Watson

Yvette is a facility manager with great ambition for sustainability. As chairman of the FMN expert group circular and inclusive economy, Yvette passionately promotes the awareness that facility managers can influence the sustainability of their organization like no other. At the Royal Library (KB) she is currently responsible for the circular and energy neutral ambitions of the upcoming renovation of the KB building. Yvette is also one of the pilots of the Green Deal Circular Buildings and works closely with the Office Full of Energy program.

Pam van Wanrooij

Pam obtained a Master's degree in Global Business & Sustainability. At PHI Factory she will put her knowledge into practice. With passion and enthusiasm she wants to make an impact and help PHI Factory accelerate organizations towards a circular economy. Through her studies she has gained experience in solving sustainability issues. She found that solutions are sometimes out-of-the-box, but much more often out-of-the-comfort zone. She finds awareness an important aspect of the transition to circular economy and she tries to get as many people as possible on board.

Jessica Vervoort

Jessica is PHI Factory's jack-of-all-trades. She has good communication skills that she uses for the website and social media messages. In addition, she deploys her organizational talent for various projects, a study trip and internal activities. She has years of experience in working in sustainability and likes to continue working on a circular economy.

Claire Verbeek

Claire is an expert in hospitality and has extensive experience as a facility manager and independent entrepreneur. She aspires to live a conscious and sustainable life and to accelerate towards circular economy together. As part of the team, she takes care of all operational and commercial activities related to PHI Notes: from customer contact, production of personalized versions up to and including careful reuse. In addition, Claire takes care of all organizing activities relating to training and events of PHI Factory.


PHI Notes is designed and produced according to the principles of the circular economy. After usage, please return the notebook to sender, so we are able to reuse the materials.

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