PHI Notes is a product by PHI Factory. PHI Factory helps organisations translate their strategy to circular ambitions, circular procurement, circular tendering, training and inspiration sessions in the circular economy.

PHI refers to the golden ratio or ' Proportia ' Divina (divine proportion). The golden section is a piece of ancient enigmatic mathematics. The number indicates a special relationship of line segments, and is abbreviated with the Greek letter φ (pronounced ' Fie '). The golden ratio turns up in all kinds of unexpected places, in nature as well as the human body. Also in architecture many manifestations can be found.

PHI Notes is a Social Enterprise! The current societal challenges ask for a different economic approach. An economy that works for people: circular, poverty-free and inclusive. Foundation Social Enterprise NL connects entrepreneurs who act differently, entrepreneurs who aim to create social added value.

PHI Notes is a circular product using recycled materials and raw materials retain their value. No waste of raw materials, but also no waste of talent! An inclusive economy we find equally important. Where we can we create work for people with a distance to the labour market. Using the world’s intelligence instead of wasting it.


Our ambition

WHY: We believe that organizations can have a major positive impact on the realization of a circular and inclusive economy with their business operations.

HOW: With our knowledge, experience and passion we help these organizations realize their ambitions. We want to put organizations in their power to make good use of all opportunities.

WHAT: PHI Factory supports organizations in finding creative solutions, in the decision-making process and in achieving ambitious circular goals.



PHI Notes is designed and produced according to the principles of the circular economy. After usage, please return the notebook to sender, so we are able to reuse the materials.

PHI Notes is part of PHI Factory.

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