Correct, erase, digitize and reuse.

A notebook of whiteboard paper, together with an app for scanning, editing and uploading your notes.

PHI Notes is a fully circular product. The notebooks are made from recycled materials, are ecologically sound, there are no toxic substances released during production and all materials can be put back into the cycle. The PHI Notes Upcycled was developed in collaboration with ECOR. This notebook is composed of recycled wood fibers.

Smart and sustainable:

PHI Notes bridges the gap between physical and digital!


Buy one, give one

For each PHI Notes sold, a special PHI Notes kids version with pen is donated to a development project.

We collaborate with Stichting Biblionef Nederland. Through this network we can donate PHI Notes to schools in developing countries around the world.


Inclusive economy

With PHI Notes we do not waste raw materials, nor talent!

We promote an inclusive economy by working with people who have a distance to the labor market. We are constantly looking for new social partnerships and circular connections.


Your story

Let PHI Notes tell your story to your clients and employees.

We offer companies the opportunity to develop a personalized PHI Notes. You deliver your logo or a design that suits your organisation, and we provide a PHI Notes that fits your story.


PHI Notes is designed and produced according to the principles of the circular economy. After usage, please return the notebook to sender, so we are able to reuse the materials.

PHI Notes is part of PHI Factory.

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